Carlota Lopez

Carlota is a special needs teacher, as well as Brain Gym® and MBL International Faculty.

Her past 18 years have been devoted to help children, families and educators find solutions for their struggles.

She is an inspired teacher that brings joy, love and intuition into the room.

After training hand on hand with Cecilia Koester and learning program MBL, she has become an expert in special needs consulting and loves bringing the MBL program into the world.


Thursday 29
29 September 2022

Hybrid: Where do I begin with a child/adult who is differently-abled

Room 3: Montesquieu
29 September
Time:  11:15 - 12:30
Location:  Room 3: Montesquieu
Speaker:  Carlota Lopez

We are often taught how to draw out from our students and clients and follow their innate intelligence.

When working with adults and children who are differently able we come across different situations: can the child speak, make sense of what they are seeing, understanding what you are asking them to do?
Or does he know where his body is, or how to use his arms and legs deliberately?

Many questions come to us when we work with differently able people, the main one being what is the priority.
How do I communicate with them if I they cannot talk?
What is that they need the most?

Many time I visit schools were children are requested to sit and write when they are not capable of sitting still or letting go of an object.

Is that something that would bring the kid the opportunity to be more independent, to be happier?

In this presentation I would like to share with you the program that Cecilia Koester developed to be the reason why someone smiles today.

Prerequisite: none
Langage: English + French translation

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