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You will enjoy to live this first international Brain Gym congress in Lacanau, you will love to nurrish yourself with those exceptional courses that will follow!
Please note the following:

Monday, October 03

Mark Get set and Go, with Kari Coady (USA)

For the first time in France !!!

A 3-step foundational program to move and manage stress reactions. On Your Mark, Get Set, Go (MSGo) puts participants in the driver’s seat of their own healing. It empowers them to recognize their personal stress responses, evaluate their needs, apply tools to take charge and move forward. Stress and trauma can separate us from our innate ability to heal. The simple concepts provided in On Your Mark, Get Set, Go—for example, a better understanding of the brain’s role, put in terms the “person on the street” can easily comprehend —allows participants to begin connecting with their abilities to access the deep resources available within.

Open to everyone
Fees: 100€ until the 31st of august – 120€ after

Unleashing your creativity, with Carla Hannaford and Céline Sorin (USA et France)

For the first time in France !!!

In this very experiential and very personal workshop, unleash your potential to discover and develop your gifts of creativity through artistic practices!

Open to everyone
Fees: 100€ until the 31st of august – 120€ after

From Monday 03 to Wednesday 05, October

Brain Gym and The tryptich of Arts with Claire, Fabienne and Elisabeth (France)

For the first time in France and worldwide!!!

The first two days 
(Monday 3 and Tuesday 4) you will choose between the three proposals of these exceptional artists:

  • Brain Gym & Theatre with Claire Dhérissart – Develop what you are… An inward-looking approach. Detailed program here
  • Brain Gym & Voice with Elisabeth Duchêne – Discover her inner diamond. Detailed program here.
  • Brain Gym & Music with Fabienne Savornin – Live and play the music of your body. Detailed program here

On the third day
the three groups regroup and live as follows: 
INTERACTIVITY of the 3 Arts for the creation of a “Scenic Object” on the theme of the Station Hall

Find the detailed The tryptich program here

Open to everyone
Fee: 210€ until the 31st of august – 240€ after

Langage of Movement with avec Renate Wennekes (Germany)

  The class, The Language of Movement“ is one of the advanced classes from Paul and Gail Dennison. Here their knowledge from Applied Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology and their excellent intuition to let go of the old and create space for the new come to a unique synthesis. This class deepens the procedures from Edu-K Indepth and has an emphasis on additional techniques like the shock absorbers, cranial and cervical eights, adrenal and cranial stress release, Ileocoecal and Houston Valve and Cloacal Reflexes. Renate Wennekes is a specialist for the educational aspect of Applied Kinesiology for fourty years and works together with Paul since 1983. She is one of the most experienced Educational Kinesiologists worldwide. This class will give you a deep insight in the amazing possibilities of Educational Kinesiology. Pre-requisites: In Depth class Fees: 360€ until the 31st of august – 420€ after

Discovering Joy, Creativity and Connection through Movement with Dana Luebke (Canada)

Play with our developmental movement patterns and the dynamic qualities of our movement.
Initiating movement in different ways, we expand our range of movement possibilities and find new ways of being in the world.
Explore the expressive, creative and metaphorical potentials of movement.
As we use our active bodies to explore, understand, and represent ideas, feelings, issues and relationships, and free ourselves from socialized restrictions on our creativity and freedom of movement – we rediscover the joy, creativity and connections of movement to enrich our lives and those of our students and clients.

Open to everyone

Find the detailed program here

Fees: 200€ until the 31st of august – 240€ after

From Tuesday 04 to Wednesday 05, October

AMSTAR approach with Lucie Papikova (Switzerland)

Amazingly Simple Trauma release Technique

For the first time in France !!!

AMSTAR (an Amazingly Simple Trauma Release Technique) was developped by Sharon Plaskett, former international faculty member of Brain Gym® and Touch for Health. She has developed her own technique for the release of emotional and physical stress.
In her own words: AMSTAR is a technique so simple that even a child can learn and use it.
This method consists of a focused meditation for easing the stress of trauma or emotional shock and its effect. It is a powerful tool for relaxation and stress reduction, with the aim of turning stress into strength.

Open to everyone
Fee: 200€ until the 31st

of august – 240€ after

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